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The membership of South Plainfield EMS recently learned of a decision by the South Plainfield Borough Council to extend the contract with Robert Wood Johnson Mobile-Health Services (RWJ-MHS) to provide full-time Emergency Medical Services to South Plainfield effective June 1, 2022. This decision effectively removes South Plainfield EMS as an emergency medical provider within South Plainfield. This decision came as a surprise to our organization as our leadership had been attempting to meet with the Borough Administration to review any questions or concerns they may have had, however the meeting was unproductive. The future vision for our organization remains in question and we are hopeful we are permitted to remain an active emergency medical provider for the town that our 40+ volunteer members have dedicated many years serving.
South Plainfield EMS is a 100% volunteer agency serving the Borough of South Plainfield since 1944 and does not bill for any services provided by our organization. Although we have received monetary support from the Borough, we are an independent entity, as most volunteer EMS agencies in New Jersey are. In addition to an average 900 emergency responses per year, we provided FREE event standby services for many community events, such as the annual Labor Day Parade and Fireworks, community and school sporting events and many other community activities. Our members attend monthly training sessions to continually maintain and update their skills. It is unclear what RWJ-MHS will charge for emergency responses or event coverage that had previously been a FREE service provided by South Plainfield EMS.
The members of South Plainfield EMS stand ready to continue our dedicated service to residents and businesses of South Plainfield and are hopeful the Borough Council will entertain integrating our members into the new Emergency Medical System established.
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